Past KISS Ads

These are just some of the past KISS ads that were placed at KPZ... I just find it interesting what KISS fans buy and sell. It is simply a list for reference, the items are not necessarily posted currently.

and Here's the List of KISS Ads

The KISS Party Zone has had many incarnations over the past few years, but one thing remains the same. It is a forum for buying, selling, and trading KISS band merchandise, souvenirs, and collectibles.

I thought it would be interesting to list some of the items that were posted here for sale throughout the years. Remember, this is just a random babble, or a brief summarized recollection of things that were advertised here int he past. Many of these items are no longer available here and listed for informational purposes only. If you would like to see the current listings, go to the KISS forum and check it out.

  • KISS Destoyer Models
  • KISS Calendars
  • KISS Candles
  • KISS Drink Coasters
  • KISS Rubber Ducks
  • KISS Plaques
  • Phantom of the Park Tapes
  • KISS Postcards
  • KISS Telephones
  • KISS T-Shirts
  • KISS Hockey Jerseys
  • KISS Hockey Pucks
  • KISS 3D Galsses
  • KISS Washburn Guitars
  • KISS Snowglobes
  • KISS Concert Programs
  • KISS Shorts
  • KISS Picture Discs
  • KISS Guitar Books
  • KISS Mini Discs
  • Handwritten KISS Notes
  • KISS Bus Ad
  • KISS Autographs
  • KISS Comic Books
  • 1970's KISS Toys
  • KISS-opoly Game
  • Bill Aucion Merchandise
  • Aucoin KISS Collectibles
  • KISS Reel to Reel Tapes
  • 70's KISS Collection
  • KISS Board Games
  • 70's KISS Pictures
  • KISSology
  • KISS Sleeping Bag
  • KISS Lunch Boxes
  • Vintage KISS Posters
  • Vintage KISS Magazines
  • Sealed KISS Records
  • Sealed 8 Track Tapes
  • Vinnie Vincent Autgraphs
  • Peter Criss Drumsticks
  • Eric Carr Drumsticks
  • Eric Singer Drumsticks
  • Custom KISS Artwork
  • Fiber Optic KISS Lights
  • KISS Neon Sign
  • KISS Incense
  • KISS Bobbleheads
  • Gene Simmons Dolls
  • KISS Alarm Clocks
  • Complete KISS Collections
  • KISS Curtains
  • KISS Pajamas
  • Love Gun Toy
  • KISS Figurines
  • 1970's Ticket Stubs
  • KISS Belt Buckles from Seventies
  • KISS Posters from Seventies
  • KISS Playing Cards
  • KISS Trading cards from 1970's
  • KISS Skully Cap
  • KISS Love Gun
  • KISS Rings
  • KISS Baseball
  • KISS Tourbooks from 1970's
  • KISS Colorforms
  • KISS Army Gear
  • KISS Fanclub Literature
  • Marvel Comics
  • KISS Action Figures
  • KISS Mego Dolls
  • KISS Hot Wheels Cars
  • KISS Stickers
  • KISS Tattoos
  • KISS Jigsaw Puzzles
  • KISS Beer Mugs
  • 1970's KISS Radio
  • KISS Pez Dispensers
  • KISS Ticket Stubs
  • KISS Nesting Dolls
  • KISS Inflatable Chairs
  • KISS Rubiks Cube
  • KISS Ski Masks
  • KISS Candy Machines
  • KISS Guitar Strings
  • KISS Air Freshners
  • KISS Makeup Kits
  • KISS Bottled Wine
  • KISS Beer Cans
  • KISS Halloween Masks
  • Rare KISS CD's
  • 1970's KISS Concert DVD's
  • 1970's KISS Memorabilia
  • KISS Viewmaster Viewers
  • KISS Toy Van
  • KISS Costumes
  • Entire KISS Collection
  • KISS Zipper Sweatshirts
  • KISS Teddy Bears
  • Vinnie Vincent CD's
  • KISS Vinnie Vincent Pictures
  • KISS Ceramic Statues
  • 1970's KISS Music

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