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ATTENTION: The KISS Party Zone does not have these items in stock. This is a photo gallery only. KISS Party Zone is powered by KISS fans. Most of these collectibles, vintage KISS memorabilia, and custom made unlicensed merchandise were submitted by fans throughout the years.

We've assembled a photgraphic collection of this collectible merchandise purely for entertainment purposes. This is by no means an all-inclusive archive (since of course KISS still releases new products). If you have a unique KISS collectible, or some type of unlicensed custom made merchandise, we'd love to see it. Register for our forum and upload a pic to the new gallery.

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  • KISS collectible casino chips
    Casino Chips
  • KISS Palms casino chips
    More Casino Chips
  • vintage KISS bubble gum cards
    Bubble Gum Cards
  • KISS collectible camera
    Collectible Camera
  • vintage KISS buttons
    Vintage KISS Buttons
  • KISS collectible coins
    Collectible Coins
  • can of KISS collectible beer
    Can of Beer
  • KISS stageshow balloons
    KISS Balloons
  • vintage collectible backstage pass
    Backstage Pass
  • KISS collectible action figures
    Alive Action Figures
  • KISS collectible Christmas ornament
    Christmas Ornament
  • KISS memorabilia from Japan
    Button from Japan
  • vintage KISS iron-ons
    Vintage Iron-ons
  • KISS Eric Carr collectible Mego doll
    Eric Carr Doll
  • KISS Destroyer puzzle
    Destroyer Puzzle
  • KISS collectible telephone
    KISS Telephone
  • KISS collectible trash can
    Trash Can
  • vintage KISS collectible stickpin
    Vintage Stickpin
  • KISS collectible toy van
    Toy Van
  • KISS collectible pinball machine
    Pinball Machine
    More Collectibles
    Coming Soon
    More Collectibles
    Coming Soon
    More Collectibles
    Coming Soon
    More Collectibles
    Coming Soon
    More Collectibles
    Coming Soon

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