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This is some background info about the KISS Party Zone, aka KPZ. think of it as the "about us" page, I guess...

History of KISS Infatuation

My infatuation with KISS began around 1983. I was given one volume of KISS Double Platinum on cassette, no liner notes, no band photos, nothing but a cassette with some KISS songs on it.

Up to this point I had never been exposed to much KISS music, other than radio play to which I didn't pay much attention. The only time I had ever really looked at the band was on the Hotter Than Hell record album cover that someone had brought to school a few years earlier.
,br> I guess they just didn't interest me at the time, ironically this would have been about 1980 when the band was at the top of the world. My house was full of AC-DC, Alice Cooper, and Black Sabbath records and 8-tracks at the time so this was the music I was listening to in my house.

Anyway, after getting my hands on that Double Platinum cassette I became hooked. The first cassette I actually bought was Lick It Up which had just been released at this time. I was thrust into a world of KISS without makeup and the images of the band in their gear were in the past.

I ultimately would purchase just about everything KISS released prior to this on record in a used record shop. The album covers were fascinating and so was the music.

The band grew on me and I studied everything about them. I did not see KISS live until October 2nd 1992 at the Broome County arena in Binghamton NY. Upon leaving this show I was dazed at the fact that I had waited this long to see the hottest band in the world.
,br> I later realized that I had completely missed the Eric Carr era as this was Eric Singer's first tour as KISS drummer. The stage that night was a giant Statue of Liberty along with the usual wall of KISS logos. It was after this concert that I began to explore vintage KISS collectibles from the makeup era.

KISS Merchandise Website

My interest in KISS merchandise resulted in my first KISS band website. I created the first version of the KISS Party Zone which was simply, a neanderthal fan site.

I had no formal web training so the site was merely pictures and some KISS facts I had gathered over the years including a bit of information on KISS merchandise and collectibles.

The newer KISS Party Zone website was created with the collectible trader in mind. I got the idea after buying and selling on eBay for a while and realizing the prices were too high on many items.

The KISS Party Zone has had many incarnations since then. Many unique KISS souvenirs and collectibles have been advertised here in the past. From KISS auctions to a few different versions of free classifieds, and now a KISS forum for posting merchandise for sale.

This new system is more secure and designed to keep spammers away, I hope. It seems any time you offer free classifieds or free anything, there is someone who tries to exploit it.

I hope you can enjoy and make practical use of the KISS Party Zone and keep us in mind whenever you decide to buy, sell, or trade and KISS collectibles or merchandise. Thank You…

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