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Vinnie Vincent Rocks

Vinnie Vincent, once known as Vincent Cusano, is the gifted guitarist who originally replaced Ace Frehley in KISS. His membership in KISS, at the time the hottest band in the world, was not without controversy.

Ace Frehley was a fan favorite but due to issues beyond control of the band, was unable to continue performing with the band. Vinnie has had his share of ups and downs throughout the years, but his incredible musical ability and his appearance in KISS at the height of their career makes him a rock icon.

Vinnie had a knack for songwriting, that talent along with his mind-blowing guitar playing made him a perfect fit. What many fans don't know is that Vinnie actually wrote songs for the popular TV show "Happy Days" earlier in his career.

But it was his entrance into the rock band KISS that ultimately brought him to the forefront of rock music. His makeup character in the band, what most KISS fans call "the Ankh" was a hit with the fans as well. Vinnie's black leather outfit and emblem earned him the title of Egyptian god.

Vinnie Vincent KISS guitaristIncidentally, the photo to the right is the bottom portion of Vinnie Vincent's KISS costume on display at the Hard Rock casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, just another tribute to his contribution to the hottest band in the world.

After what seemed would be a tough gig, (his replacement of Ace Frehley could be compared to Brian Johnson replacing Bon Scott in AC-DC) Vinnie took the reigns as the KISS lead guitarist and ran with it.

Unfortunately there were contractual issues of some sort that were never resolved. This story varies from Gene and Paul to Vinnie. The real truth may never be known.

But the fact remains that Vinnie Vincent is a talented musician and songwriter and most KISS fans would agree that his stay with the band was far too short.

The Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Vinnie moved forward after leaving KISS and launched the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, a hard rock band known for guitar leads that could make any guitar player shudder.

He had an uncanny ability to play at speeds beyond comprehension. His career would never again reach the level it had when he was guiding KISS, but he earned his place in rock 'n roll history as a guitarist who will never be forgotten.

Most KISS fans of the 1980's era would love to see Vinnie re-emerge with new music and a live tour. His last public appearances date back to the KISS conventions of the 1990's where he was the special guest.

He even appeared in his legendary KISS Ankh makeup during the Atlanta KISS convention, a move that would later be frowned upon by Gene and Paul.

He has endured a few legal issues in the time since the conventions, but his following would most definitely embrace his triumphant return if it were to happen. At the very least, a new Vinnie Vincent studio album would really be great… (Hint-hint Vinnie if you're out there)

The Vinnie Vincent Auction

The Vinnie Vincent auction took place online in 2014. Vinnie decided to auction off much of his memorabilia most likely due to financial problems. The results of the auction are unknown and what memorabilia still remains in a mystery.

Believe it or not, he was actually auctioning off copyrights to his musice along with guitars and articles of clothing. The auction page of the Vinnie Vincent website is empty at this point so it leaves us wondering...

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