23K Gold Cards

23K gold cards are collectible themed cards coated in 23K gold foil. Gold foil cards are typically released in the likeness of celebrities, musicians, sports figures, etc.

KISS 23K Gold Cards

Ah, the KISS 23K gold cards - How Much are they Worth?

KISS 23K gold cardBack in 1998, KISS released a unique collectible to mark their Psycho Circus album and tour. If you've ever seen these, you are probably wondering how much are KISS gold cards worth.

KISS is, of course, known for collectibles and commemorative band merchandise. These KISS themed articles are geared toward the KISS fan and memorabilia collector in general. KISS 23K gold cards are one of those special collectibles with inherent gold value meshed with KISS collector value.

One question seems to arise time and time again, how much are KISS 23K Gold cards worth?

First off, these 23K gold cards appear on eBay continually. If you would like to purchase one for your KISS collection, this would be the first place to go.

These 23K gold cards contain real gold so they will always bear the value of the gold content regardless of who or what is stamped into the card. The KISS gold cards are individually numbered and were limited to 9,900.

They are typically sold in an assay box, which is a clear plastic container marked with the the grade of the item. Usually silver and gold coins and collectibles are graded on condition and precious metal content, while being safely stored from the atmosphere inside these airtight containers.

These collectible 23K gold cards are stamped into many sports figures and celebrities. The Psycho Circus gold card is just one of many different cards produced.

Construction of 23K gold cards

Now onto the construction of these cards... They are not solid gold despite their appearance. The 23K gold series cards are mainly paper. They are coated with a thin 23 karat gold foil.

KISS gold cardSometimes these cards are advertised as weighing 2 grams. This is misleading because the paper's weight is being included in any measurement. On my coin scale, I actually measured 2.8 grams of total weight.

The paper card is coated with a detailed relief of gold foil. And for those wondering if it is real gold, the answer is yes. The gold foil is 23 karat gold, since 24 karat gold would not show the image nearly as well.

Pure gold is fine gold and 24 karat is as pure as it gets. The purity used in pressing gold foil cards 23 karat gold, which is approximately 95% pure. The foil itself can be as thin as .0000035 inch thick, this translates to 3.5 microinches.

The actual gold content of the Psycho Circus card is most certainly not 2 grams. As a matter of fact, you can sort of calculate an estimate of gold contained in the card.

The card measures 2.5 and 3.5 inches, total 17.5 square inches of gold foil including both sides. The spot price of gold changes constantly, but for the sake of this calculation we'll use $1500.00 per ounce as a round number.

This puts the total gold value of a 23K gold card at about 50 cents. Can you melt down a 23K gold card? Well, it's not that simple. Putting a propane torch to your KISS card would be a disaster.

This gold can be processed and removed from the card with the right tools and chemicals, however the return on investment would be so low that the card winds up being more valuable intact as a KISS collectible.

How much is a KISS 23K gold card worth?

In a nutshell, the KISS Psycho Circus gold card is as valuable as you want it to be. These cards display well and definitely look valuable, you can usually gauge any KISS collectible by searching it out on eBay to see what people are willing to pay.

You never know, Gene, Paul, Peter, and Ace may even carry one in their wallet. It is classic KISS memorabilia after all. Maybe you have one for sale?

Use our KISS forum to post your 23K gold cards for sale, or place a want ad if you're in the market for a card of your own...

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